Saturday 8 November 2014

Marauder Dwarf

Hi all,
This is a quick post to show you my fast but fun paint job of an old Marauder Dwarf. I painted this miniature as a gift for a work colleague who has a bit of a soft spot for the old range of Marauder miniatures. In terms of painting this brought me back to my very early days of painting lead miniatures, so often nowadays i'm painting mostly plastic miniatures. I was surprised at just how much detail was held within the casting especially considering its age 1988, the painting was a nice experience because of this.
With the colour choice i wanted to go for a bright renaissance look to match his dress, i also thought i might be just a bot of fun too! the choice of two close complimentary colours (blue and purple) with a strong contrasting yellow works well i think and you can apply this theory to any miniatures, just pick two close colours and add a contrasting spot colour in small amounts and you can't go far wrong. :)
With the base i wanted something quick and simple so i imagined the dwarf maybe guarding some barrels filled with precious gold and precious beer!
I hope you like this fun little piece, thanks for looking! Darren.

Tuesday 14 October 2014

Wolf Brothers

This is my 2014 Golden Demon Open Competition entry which was awarded silver on the day. I enjoyed this project a lot, Space Wolves are one of my favourite 40k armies and i had this idea for a vignette for a while.
The theme is that the two Wolf Guard Terminators are brothers from the tribe on Fenris who both where inducted into the Space Wolves chapter. One of the brothers is older and wise who is covering his younger brother is wild and head strong as he charges into battle. Together they are aiding the Cadians from a Chaos Thousand Son incursion.
I wanted a more modern feel when painting the miniatures, that means no bright reds and less of a baby blue colour for the armour. The painting itself took a long time to complete but i'm happy with the results.
I was very happy with my silver trophy, it was a great event on the day!
I hope you like, any comments are welcome.
Cheers! Darren

Sunday 31 August 2014

Iron Hand Captain Stronos

Hi all,
This was a fun little project in which i converted the plastic web exclusive captain into an Iron Hand. There are a few changes to the original miniature, i added a servo arm to the back pack, gave him a bionic leg, carved off all the little skulls from the cloak (that was a nightmare). I also repositioned his right arm and gave him a combi melta, then with a simple head swap the conversion was complete. The paint job was quite quick and clean to do with the main challenge being that Iron Hands only really use black and white as their colours so i had to find ways to "inject" colours here and there.
Hope you like!

Saturday 16 August 2014

Dwarf Lord

Hi all,
i finally managed to finish painting the Forge World Dwarf Lord that i started quite some time ago. It did start out as a face tutorial but i thought i would pick away at him and get it finished. I went for some non metallic metals with this one which was fun to do again. For the base i thought a winter theme would suit the character of the miniature. Let me know what you think and i hope you like!
Thanks! Darren.

Monday 26 May 2014


I recently painted up the new plastic Dwarf Lord Belegar sculpted by the talented Edgar Ramos.
For this project i wanted to do a subtle conversion so i added an axe instead of the hammer and also added a crest to the helmet.Not being a massive fan of sculpted detail on cloaks i removed this so that i could paint my own design on after.
I have wanted to try out copper as an armour colour for a while now and i thought that this would suit the Dwarf as they have a love of metals! I also added some gold trim to the armour keeping with the warm tones and followed this up with a rich red cloak.
To finish i made a display stone to raise the miniature up a little more.
I hope you like!
Thanks all, Darren.

Friday 7 February 2014

Dwarf Skin Tutorial

Hi all, I recently got hold of one of Forge Worlds Dwarf Lords and decided to paint him up. First of all I have to say that this miniature is incredibly detailed! Its very fine and full of character, Edgar from Forge World did a great job sculpting this guy.
The stage by stage for the skin was done over 14 stages, each stage was painted with thinned paint and using a citadel masters detail brush. Most of the paints used where the older citade paint range but colour matching shouldn't be to difficult.

Here is the stage by stage pic-

1. Base coat bronzed flesh and dark flesh mix
2. Highlight bronzed flesh
3. Wash thinned dark flesh into the recesses
4. Wash brown ink into the recesses around nose eyes etc
Stages 5 to 8 Highlight bronzed flesh and elf flesh mix, keep adding more elf flesh to the mix as each stage is completed.
9. Highlight bleached bone
10. glaze around the eyes and nose with thinned Baal red
11. Glaze again with leviathan purple focusing around the recesses
12. Glaze around the eyes with turquoise glaze
13. Highlight with bleached bone and white mix, also I added liver spots with thinned vermin brown and then scorched brown.
14. Finally I highlighted with skull white.

There you go! Let me know what you think, hopefully the miniature will be finished soon so I'll post a PIC when its done! 

Cheers! Darren.

Sunday 26 January 2014

Bilbo Baggins

Hi all,
I painted this Hobbit miniature just over a year ago, it was done to celebrate the Hobbit 2 release. It was quite a chgallenge to paint such a small miniature and retain the likeness that it needed. The model comes with half a barrel giving the impression that it is submerged in water, I thought it would be good to create the scene from the movie so I had to sculpt the barrel into a full one and set it within clear resin. Quite a quick paint job from me but fun to do!
Cheers all!

Tuesday 21 January 2014

Aenur Sword of Twilight

Hi all, I painted this miniature as a gift for a work colleague who recently left. I kept the paint scheme simple and tried to go for a classic fantasy feel with it, I've always liked this sculpt by Brian Nelson, its a favourite amongst many designers because of its simplicity and clean lines. I hope you like, many thanks! Darren

Monday 20 January 2014

Crimson Fist Captain

Hi all, this is one of my recent paint jobs, it is a conversion of the new Space Marine Captain using the new Sternguard parts, the conversion itself was quite simple by adding na bolt pistol and cutting out the grab gun and adding the power fist, the head was a simple swap out form the mean looking sergeant head. Originally he was going to be black templar but as I picked up my brush I decided that I had painted enough of those and went for a crimson fist instead, maybe the power fiat swung it for me!
The banner top was added from the Pedro kantor miniature and the detail was removed from the banner so that I could freehand a design on. I envisioned him to be captain Visdar from the background, I find its always good to add some depth to your miniatures by doing this, it gives them character!
I hope you like, thanks for reading!