Saturday, 16 August 2014

Dwarf Lord

Hi all,
i finally managed to finish painting the Forge World Dwarf Lord that i started quite some time ago. It did start out as a face tutorial but i thought i would pick away at him and get it finished. I went for some non metallic metals with this one which was fun to do again. For the base i thought a winter theme would suit the character of the miniature. Let me know what you think and i hope you like!
Thanks! Darren.


  1. Beautiful painting as always mate! Was looking forward to seeing this one finished since you posted the tutorial on the face a few months back.

    The snow on the base looks a little odd - maybe just the pics but it looks like you've used a different product from your usual?


    1. cheers Andrew, the snow was something i've tried in the past, its a mix of white paint, snow scatter and pva, maybe i need to go over it with just snow scatter now. thanks for the feedback! Daz

  2. Beautiful, and tons of character

  3. Stunning work! Half kingdom for the mini!

  4. Fantastic painting ..... congratulations for your blog and your miniatures ........ Fantastico !!!

  5. And you can sculpt like a beast...kudos

  6. Looks awesome. Nice clean painting and the agespots on his head are a cool detail.
    But there is one thing i don´t really like.
    The stair looks ok. For me it looks like it had been done using some foam. And the cutting lines are visible. Which looks somehow like "shoddy human work" in the words of a real dwarf.