Saturday 8 November 2014

Marauder Dwarf

Hi all,
This is a quick post to show you my fast but fun paint job of an old Marauder Dwarf. I painted this miniature as a gift for a work colleague who has a bit of a soft spot for the old range of Marauder miniatures. In terms of painting this brought me back to my very early days of painting lead miniatures, so often nowadays i'm painting mostly plastic miniatures. I was surprised at just how much detail was held within the casting especially considering its age 1988, the painting was a nice experience because of this.
With the colour choice i wanted to go for a bright renaissance look to match his dress, i also thought i might be just a bot of fun too! the choice of two close complimentary colours (blue and purple) with a strong contrasting yellow works well i think and you can apply this theory to any miniatures, just pick two close colours and add a contrasting spot colour in small amounts and you can't go far wrong. :)
With the base i wanted something quick and simple so i imagined the dwarf maybe guarding some barrels filled with precious gold and precious beer!
I hope you like this fun little piece, thanks for looking! Darren.