Saturday 20 July 2019

Contrast paints skin tutorial

I had a couple of hours to kill this morning so I thought I'd do another contrast paints tutorial.
I wanted to see how easy and fast it would be to achieve a decent skin tone as its always a part of a mini that can cause problems.

Here are the stages I used-

1. Over an undercoat of wraithbone spray I applied a 50/50 mix of darkoath flesh and contrast medium.

2. I then shaded in select areas with pure darkoath flesh.

3. I repeated this process with fyreslayer flesh focusing more on the deeper recesses.

4. Then with pure cygor brown I picked out the deepest areas such as the eyes, mouth and ears.

5. The entire face then got a glaze of 50/50 mix skeleton horde and contrast medium.

6. I then washed around the nose, lip and cheeks with an equal parts mix of flesh tearers red, fyreslayer flesh and contrast medium.
At this point I also washed a small amount of space wolves grey around the eyes.

7. I then highlighted the face with wraithbone base paint. I did this in about 3 thin layers.

8. Pure white was then used to pick out the very edge and define the face.

9. I used a little basilicanum grey to define the eyes before painting them and finishing the hair.

There you go! As with the nmm tutorial I did this technique is faster than regular painting and I think it gave a good result.
This way of painting skin isn't that different to what I'd normally do but it takes the hassle out of trying to lay down a smooth basecoat.

I'm thinking of doing a steel nmm tutorial next as it was a popular request last time.

Cheers! Daz

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