Friday 7 February 2014

Dwarf Skin Tutorial

Hi all, I recently got hold of one of Forge Worlds Dwarf Lords and decided to paint him up. First of all I have to say that this miniature is incredibly detailed! Its very fine and full of character, Edgar from Forge World did a great job sculpting this guy.
The stage by stage for the skin was done over 14 stages, each stage was painted with thinned paint and using a citadel masters detail brush. Most of the paints used where the older citade paint range but colour matching shouldn't be to difficult.

Here is the stage by stage pic-

1. Base coat bronzed flesh and dark flesh mix
2. Highlight bronzed flesh
3. Wash thinned dark flesh into the recesses
4. Wash brown ink into the recesses around nose eyes etc
Stages 5 to 8 Highlight bronzed flesh and elf flesh mix, keep adding more elf flesh to the mix as each stage is completed.
9. Highlight bleached bone
10. glaze around the eyes and nose with thinned Baal red
11. Glaze again with leviathan purple focusing around the recesses
12. Glaze around the eyes with turquoise glaze
13. Highlight with bleached bone and white mix, also I added liver spots with thinned vermin brown and then scorched brown.
14. Finally I highlighted with skull white.

There you go! Let me know what you think, hopefully the miniature will be finished soon so I'll post a PIC when its done! 

Cheers! Darren.

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