Sunday 4 November 2018

Ulthwe Eldar

Here's some Eldar that I've recently been working on.
They took me a lot longer than I wanted and I picked Ulthwe as I thought it would be quick to paint!
I'm really happy to see them finished, now I can get my second Warlock done as a reward to myself. 🙂
Here are the colours I used-

Black armour is-
Incubi darkness
Highlight thunderhawk blue
Highlight Russ grey

Yellow is-
White undercoat
Yriel yellow
Wash averland sunset and scrag brown mix
Wash scrag brown
Highlight flash gitz yellow
Highlight dorn yellow

Bone is-
Zandri dust
Ushabti bone
Wash seraphim sepia
Wash agrax
Highlight screaming skull
Highlight white.

Red is-
Mephiston red
Shade khorne red
Shade khorne red + black mix
Highlight evil sunz
Highlight wild rider red
Highlight lugganath orange

Bases are
Wilko light weight poly filler mix with water
Wash zamesi desert
Wash scrag brown
Wash doombull
Drybush tau light ochre
Dry brush zamesi desert
Dry brush ushabti bone
Mournfang brown edges

Cheers all!!

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