Tuesday 14 October 2014

Wolf Brothers

This is my 2014 Golden Demon Open Competition entry which was awarded silver on the day. I enjoyed this project a lot, Space Wolves are one of my favourite 40k armies and i had this idea for a vignette for a while.
The theme is that the two Wolf Guard Terminators are brothers from the tribe on Fenris who both where inducted into the Space Wolves chapter. One of the brothers is older and wise who is covering his younger brother is wild and head strong as he charges into battle. Together they are aiding the Cadians from a Chaos Thousand Son incursion.
I wanted a more modern feel when painting the miniatures, that means no bright reds and less of a baby blue colour for the armour. The painting itself took a long time to complete but i'm happy with the results.
I was very happy with my silver trophy, it was a great event on the day!
I hope you like, any comments are welcome.
Cheers! Darren

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