Sunday 21 July 2019

Steel non metallic metal with contrast paints

Hi all,

After I posted my contrast nmm gold tutorial recently I had a few people asking for a steel tutorial using the same contrast technique.
So, being the nice guy that I am here it is! 🙂

Here are the stages I used-

1. Undercoat grey seer spray.

2. Place initial light reflections with space wolves grey. (Try not to make these too regular)

3. Inside the first stage reflections I used gryph charger grey to darken the area.

4. I repeated the process with basilicanum grey.

5. Black templar was then used as a final shade in the darkest areas of the blade.

6. I then used grey seer base paint as a thin glaze to soften the gradient between stages.

7. I wasn't happy with the blend at this point so I tried out apothecary white as a glaze to smooth the transitions and it worked great.

8. Pure white was then used as a thin glaze inside the lightest reflections on the blade.

9. Then I used pure white as a sharp line highlight to define the blade and add hot spot reflections and I also went back with a little black Templar to deepen some shading.
You could finish at this stage if you wish but the next stage shows what more can be added.

10. With the blade complete I wanted to add some colour to it. Steel and silver reflect their environment so it's nice to keep that in mind.
I decided to add some gold reflections to the bottom of the blade with nazdreg yellow (imagine it's next to a gold leg). I also added some blue reflections with Aethematic blue to give it a daytime feel.
This stage isn't usually done much with nmm gold do it's fun to do with steel as it can set the scene for your miniature.

I hope you like and you find it useful!

Cheers all! Daz

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