Thursday 27 April 2017

The Dirty Dazzlers Skaven Team

Hi all,
We have had a bit of Blood Bowl fever here at work recently so i took the opportunity to paint up my classic Skaven team. I've had the team for years but never had the chance to paint it till the new edition of the game was released last Christmas.
I love these classic Jes Goodwin sculpts, full of character and pretty mean looking for Skaven!
I went for contrasting colours of purple and yellow with some classic chequered patterns for details.
It was a fun little project and painting more than one miniature was a challenge!
Hope you like! Daz

Monday 24 April 2017

Orruk Warboss Skin Tutorial.

Hi all, I started this miniature a while ago now and I'm pretty sure that it wont get finished. I did do a stage by stage on the skin (yes it's blue) so i thought I'd post it up anyway.
Hopefully someone might find it useful!
Cheers! Daz

1. Undercoat grey
2. Basecoat Hawk Turquoise + Bleached bone mix 80/20
3. Shade Thunderhawk Blue
4. Highlight Hawk Turquoise + Kommando Khaki 70/30
5. Add Bleached Bone into the previous mix to highlight
6. Add White to the previous mix to highlight
7. Shade Incubi Darkness
8. Add blue and red tones around ears and mouth
9. Mix black into the highlight mix and paint under the eyes
10. Paint Bleached bone in the bottom shadows
11. Paint Kommando Khaki in the bottom shadows
12. Highlight Bleached Bone
13. Highlight White

Sunday 23 April 2017

Goblin Warboss

Hi all,
Been a while I know, sorry! :)
Here is a quick pic of a miniature i painted some time ago. It is a limited edition Goblin Warboss which i painted for a work friend as a gift.
It was a fun little project and my main aim was to add a lot of colour and go a little bit retro with the painting!
Hope you like, more posts soon....promise! ;)