Monday 20 January 2014

Crimson Fist Captain

Hi all, this is one of my recent paint jobs, it is a conversion of the new Space Marine Captain using the new Sternguard parts, the conversion itself was quite simple by adding na bolt pistol and cutting out the grab gun and adding the power fist, the head was a simple swap out form the mean looking sergeant head. Originally he was going to be black templar but as I picked up my brush I decided that I had painted enough of those and went for a crimson fist instead, maybe the power fiat swung it for me!
The banner top was added from the Pedro kantor miniature and the detail was removed from the banner so that I could freehand a design on. I envisioned him to be captain Visdar from the background, I find its always good to add some depth to your miniatures by doing this, it gives them character!
I hope you like, thanks for reading!

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