Monday, 20 January 2014

Crimson Fist Captain

Hi all, this is one of my recent paint jobs, it is a conversion of the new Space Marine Captain using the new Sternguard parts, the conversion itself was quite simple by adding na bolt pistol and cutting out the grab gun and adding the power fist, the head was a simple swap out form the mean looking sergeant head. Originally he was going to be black templar but as I picked up my brush I decided that I had painted enough of those and went for a crimson fist instead, maybe the power fiat swung it for me!
The banner top was added from the Pedro kantor miniature and the detail was removed from the banner so that I could freehand a design on. I envisioned him to be captain Visdar from the background, I find its always good to add some depth to your miniatures by doing this, it gives them character!
I hope you like, thanks for reading!


  1. Awesome work. How do you do your golds?

  2. Hi Tim! Usually I base coat with a shiny gold and scorched brown mix and then thinly layer up with shiny gold then burnished gold, after this inwas h down with some chestnut and brown inks, these are old paints but hold colour really well and don't dull the metals at all like washes can. After I layer up with burnished and mithril mix and then finally add a sharp highlight of mithril silver. Any other colour can be added at the end with glazes such as reds or purples. Hope that helps!

    1. Thanks, I still have all my old inks. I'll give it a try.

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  4. Great to see you back at the blogging again Darren. Love the subtle conversion and paint job is top notch as always on this one. Will we get to see any more of your sculpting talents on show here too? :)



  5. Hi Andrew. Thanks for the comment, this is in fact one of my sculpts, I did this along with the new sternguard kit for the recent marine release, I hope to post more of my work as it is released! Thanks

  6. I remember seeing this before, nice work again! Love the highlighting on the armour, added satisfaction in painting your own sculpt too!

  7. Hi, first time posting here, but I'm a big fan of your work and the former eavy metal team. Your blends and color saturation is amazing. Any chance you'd let me in on what colors you used for your dark blue armor?

  8. Amazing work man! I have to ask you how you painted the red powerfist. That red is something ive never been able to get close to its my worst enemy lol. I would be greatful for any tips, hints, tricks youre willing to share and thank you for all of the eye candy and inspiration man!