Sunday, 16 September 2018

Elucia Vhane

Hi all,
Here is my painted version of the new Rogue Trader Elucia Vhane that I also sculpted for the new Kill Team Rogue Trader expansion released today!
My inspiration was taken from the amazing concepts from John Blanche when both sculpting and painting this miniature.
I wanted her to feel like a piece if Johns art work with the chosen colour pallet and background.
It's enjoyable to paint your own miniatures and also a great learning experience!
I hope you like!
Cheers, Daz


  1. A fantastic miniature beautifully painted...
    I love the lace effect on the sleeves...

    All the best. Alt

  2. Absolutely stunning. I love the lace and the subtle effect of the flesh showing through the fabric on the sleeves and veil. The eye is terrific, so much character packed into such small area.

  3. That's glorious. Those feathers, those boots, the lace! Amazing texture work. That base invokes Blanche wonderfully as well.