Saturday, 30 June 2018


Hi all,
here's my finished entry for the Age of Sigmar Golden Demon. This miniature has been sat on my desk for quite a while and the Golden Demon competition was a great excuse to finish it!
I was lucky to get a custom head sculpted by Seb Perbet for this miniature which I think added loads of character to the piece.
I went with a colour pallet that reflected the traditional colours of Victorian Steam engines which I think worked well alongside the pitted metal effects.
The competition was tough in the staff category and was very lucky to receive gold. Congrats to all the winners! 🙂


  1. Well, congrats to you! Beautiful conversion and amazing painting job of course. It reminds me the steampunk dwarfs released by Rackham more than a decade ago :p

  2. So much work man !! Crazy green textured effect on the armor! I love :)

  3. Splendid sir...

    A lovely bit of texture on the armour.

    All the best. Aly

  4. Amazing work. Great choice of colors and attention to detail.

    Best of luck in the competition.

  5. Brilliant--well deserved win--I love the pitted effect on the armour from the stippling (I must try this technique). Great stuff and always good to see red weapons!

  6. Amazing painting style, outstanding details!

  7. Fantastic work - really love the tones on the face.

    Wanted to ask if you had a recipe for the green armour of the classic Striking Scorpion you posted a couple of years ago?

    All the best

  8. That's awesome painting.and very nice miniature to paint .great choice of colors and attention to detail.thanks for sharing this wonderful information and making your art. shadows...nicely textured effect on the armor was amazing.thanks again for all the knowledge you pass on to us.

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