Sunday, 9 June 2019

Non metallic metals with contrast paints

Hi all, With the release of the new Citadel contrast paints I thought it would be a great opportunity to re visit painting non metallic metals (nmm).
I wanted to try out the new contrast colours and apply them to this technique to see what results I could achieve.
 With this in mind I picked a suitable miniature which was a Stormcast Liberator and undercoated it with the new wraithbone spray.
All contrast paints where thinned with the new contrast medium during this process.
Here are the stages I did when painting-

1. Wraithbone spray
2. Nazdreg yellow
3. Snakebite leather
4. Fyreslayer flesh
5. Cygor brown
6. Black templar
7. Iyanden yellow glaze all over
8. Wraithbone base paint highlight
9. Pure white highlight

You can see that most of the technique involves a lot of glazing the colours over each other. Rather than highlighting in stages as you would normally paint this involves working backwards essentially. So starting with larger areas of lighter colours and then shading down with less paint.
As with all nmm painting the real trick is when you add those final white highlights and hot spots to trick the eye.
I’m pretty happy with the test result and compared to my other nmm painting it was much quicker although a little messier if I’m honest but I’m sure with more practice with the paints this will improve.
Cheers! Daz


  1. Very nice. I'm looking forward to trying these new paints myself soon :)

  2. That's impressive. I'd have never guessed you did that with Contrast paints.

  3. Looks amazing mate definitely going to give this a go on my Blood Angels.

  4. Nicely done Daz...
    That works really well... to be honest it’s not something I had even considered possible with the Contrast paints.

    All the best. Aly

  5. Excellent paint work, I am looking forward to try them out.

  6. Holy shit this is amazing

  7. Its probably a basic question, but my techniques are basic, so there you go. When you apply the other contrasts on top of the 2nd stage, are you applying to the whole area, or just to the areas that need the colour i.e. the edges, depressions etc?

    1. Yeah, just the areas that need it so leaving the previous colour showing

  8. This is so good. Definitely think I'll give it a go! Excellent as always Darren.

  9. Can you do another example with shoulder pads?

  10. How do we make a glaze with contrast paint? Please answer one of our comments sir lol

    1. Simply add medium to it, I've done a glazing video tutorial if you're interested

  11. Would be great to see this covered on your youtube channel the results look amazing.