Monday, 15 April 2019

Robute Skulliman

Hi all,
Here's Robute Skulliman finished for my Silver Skulls army.
This month I have to finish painting this miniature and a Primaris librarian for a game on Warhammer TV against my brother soon.
I imagine this guy to still be Guilliman but in Mortis armour while on campaign with the Silver Skulls.
I removed the ultramarine icons and sculpted Silver Skulls icons to match the rest of my army.
The blue flames and eyes are to match in with the spot colour on my army.
Cheers! Daz



  1. Absolutely incredible! I love how you made those flames look! So much more fun than regular flames! It's great how those cool blues contrast the bronze/gold trim! Accenting the eyes with the same colour really makes the facial details pop too, especially with the glow effect! Beautiful!

    Good luck with your game against Dave! Today he sent his list to me to take a look at, and having played against it before, it's nasty! Hopefully I'll get the chance to tune in and watch live, although it'll be 3am here in Australia!

    Kind regards,

  2. Great paint job and I love the blue eyes and flaming sword