Friday, 8 March 2019

Silver Skulls update

Hi all,
I've managed to finish my Ancient and repulsor over the new year break.
I'd forgotten how long vehicles take to paint! 😆


  1. They look great! Love the icon on the Ancient's helmet. Can't wait to see what you add next.

  2. Beautifully done... as always

    All the best. Aly

  3. I only just found out you gave a blog, just Added it to my Feedly. I missed out on a load of non WordPress blogs until u discovered Feedly, really happy you are part of the hobby blogging community, I've discovered it's sadly a bit of a dying medium.

    Repulsor looks ace, how do you like to do lowlights highlights on silver? I have Grey Knights and I'm never sure of how to best generate contact. Lovely work on that banner too, well done!

  4. Your painted miniatures are the reason why i am still in this hobby. They do look so wonderful, clean, real and just perfect.
    I dream of the day you are painting Bretonnians.

  5. That banner is unbelievably cool! All of your stuff has so much attention to detail, I sometimes come back to pics I've seen before and notice something else new! Whether it be a bit of freehand, a cool colour transition, or a key bit of highlighting, there's always something to learn from looking at your minis! Thanks for all of your content, and keep up the fantastic work!

    Kind regards,