Friday, 1 July 2016

Bugmans Rangers Champion

Hi all.
Here's a quick post to share the dwarf that I have recently finished. It's the classic Bugmans rangers champion miniature which is still quite fun to paint!
It was painted as a gift for a friend and didn't take too long, it certainly was strange painting a metal model again!
I hope you like!
cheers, Daz


  1. Hey, sorry to hijack this post with none-Dwarf comments, but I can't find a pm function. I discovered your blog after searching for painted examples of the Deathwatch Overkill hybrids and saw your name associated with a beautiful orange-jumpsuit/bone-armour paint scheme and was wondering if you'd consider posting more photos of them?

    Everything you've posted is just astonishing!

  2. i'll get on it for you! thanks for the comments! :)

  3. Jean Fran├žois Delaive26 July 2019 at 05:20

    SO in love of this dwarf, so much paint details... spent many times to watch him