Sunday, 31 August 2014

Iron Hand Captain Stronos

Hi all,
This was a fun little project in which i converted the plastic web exclusive captain into an Iron Hand. There are a few changes to the original miniature, i added a servo arm to the back pack, gave him a bionic leg, carved off all the little skulls from the cloak (that was a nightmare). I also repositioned his right arm and gave him a combi melta, then with a simple head swap the conversion was complete. The paint job was quite quick and clean to do with the main challenge being that Iron Hands only really use black and white as their colours so i had to find ways to "inject" colours here and there.
Hope you like!


  1. Wow that is really cool. I like the biomnic leg a lot. Did you sculpt that yourself?

    Also I like the head tattoo. Nice detail.

    1. thanks Tim, yes, the bionic leg was scratch built, thanks for the comment!

  2. Hey !

    Your mini is so great ! The white of the cloak is amazing ! Can you give us the colors you employed ? Thanks ! :)

    I'm also impressed by the red of the cloak...
    In fact I think your cloak is just superb ! :)

    Bye !


  3. I would love to see some tutorials from yourself. It would be great to see how many layers went into getting that balck armour for example. Is it justa few witha very steady hand or a lot of thin layers to build up. Also love the colours you use to shade the golds. Would love to see how that builds up. Great work, thanks for sharing and updating your blog, I really enjoy it :)

  4. Another mini masterpiece. It's not over the top and flash. There's just enough detail in the painting, but never to much to distract from the figure itself. That you've done it with such a limited pallet makes it doubly impressive.

  5. Hi Darren,
    Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful work with us. It's always very inspiring, and this particular piece is probably one of my favorite, specialy the cape. It's certainly not the part with the most d├ętails but the colour choice and the shading work is just BRILLIANT! I can almost imagine it flopping in the Wind.
    I have one question though: your models always look a little bit glossy, which I find very cool (it's more obvious on the 360° on GW page), but mine tend to look very matt (eggshell matt) whenever I use Lahmian medium to thin down the paint. Do you use any kind of varnish or glossy medium to get that render?


    Jean from Paris