Monday, 26 May 2014


I recently painted up the new plastic Dwarf Lord Belegar sculpted by the talented Edgar Ramos.
For this project i wanted to do a subtle conversion so i added an axe instead of the hammer and also added a crest to the helmet.Not being a massive fan of sculpted detail on cloaks i removed this so that i could paint my own design on after.
I have wanted to try out copper as an armour colour for a while now and i thought that this would suit the Dwarf as they have a love of metals! I also added some gold trim to the armour keeping with the warm tones and followed this up with a rich red cloak.
To finish i made a display stone to raise the miniature up a little more.
I hope you like!
Thanks all, Darren.


  1. Hello !

    Your dwarf looks very nice ! It's really beautiful, I love the cloak, the shield and the armor, which is wonderful !
    It's perfect ! :D

  2. Hi,
    what a great piece. This is a real metall Lover.
    What colours did you use for the gold and the copper?

    Thank you for showing.
    Krudd Ironhelm

  3. Excuse me, how did you make the mohawk? What bit did you use?

  4. Hello, impressive work. I want to ask, what colours are you using for these impressive beards? They looks very nature.