Saturday, 21 September 2019

Video tutorials now on YouTube!

Hi all,
From now on all of my video tutorials will be on my YouTube channel.
Hopefully you find them useful!
Cheers! Daz


  1. Hello.
    Thanks for this video explaining your motivation to do it ^^. I follow you on Instagram since the begining and your tutoriasl help me and are a good motivation to progress (and i've seen lots of progress ^^)

    So I would thank you many time for your FREE (it was important you tell it ) tutorials continue and make us progress.

    Best regards

  2. Hello Darren,
    First of all , thanks for your's painting tutorials on youtube. There are great,a lot of knowledge that you give to us are priceless. Is it possible that you can made tutorial of painting this "cage" of Mortis Engine like on pictures by GW?

    Thanks for everything and best regards

  3. Hey Darren! I love all these videos. Definitely helped me elevate my painting skills. Is it possible to do a tutorial on the green armour of the salamanders!? Similar to the white and yellow ok you did.

  4. Thank you for these video tutorials. The knowledge that you give to us is priceless. Watch spray paint videos and learn how to create beautiful paintings.

  5. I really enjoy your videos on YouTube, but when I follow them I find it difficult to pause and continue the video over and over again. Having your written out instructions on this blog is amazing too! I totally understand though that writing out every word from a 40 minute video makes everything way harder to produce.